The best new craft beers to drink while you work on your game

By Dan LeffingwellFox Sports’ The Art of Football takes a look at the best craft beers on tap, and this week, it’s a collaboration with the iconic British brewery that helped shape the craft beer scene.

The Beer of the Month award goes to The Beer of The Month.

The beer has been awarded by the prestigious British Beer Awards in the category of ‘Best New Craft Beer’, a competition which awards up to 30 entries for each of the five categories.

We’re celebrating with a special edition of The Beer Of The Month, which we’ve selected for you to pick from as a gift.

The prize is a glass bottle of The Brewery of the Year, a commemorative beer glass, that is a genuine British Beer, made by the iconic brewery.

The glass was created by an independent British craft brewer in collaboration with a craft brewery from the UK.

It’s a fitting gift to celebrate the craft brewing renaissance in Britain, where breweries are celebrating the launch of their first ever beer of the month, and the new beer of choice for all those brewing and pouring with their families.

We’ve included some of the best beers on offer on offer at The Brewery Of The Year and they all have a distinct flavour profile to them that you can taste on your own, and it will complement your drinking.

The brewery of the year is a little different to the ones you’d normally find on tap.

For example, The Beer is not a traditional craft beer but a new craft beer with a modern twist.

“We think of The Brewhouse as a British brewery,” said Head Brewer and Director of Brewery of The Brewer’s Hall, Chris Macdonald.

“It’s the best British craft beer on the market and it’s created by a small, local brewery.

The Beer Of the Month has been created by The Brewer, the man behind the Brewery of Love, which is a modern take on the beer style of the old days.”

We wanted to give The Brew of the Week something different to celebrate.

We wanted to make a beer that was a celebration of craft brewing and the British brewing scene, and something that you would enjoy drinking.

“It’s only one beer, but it’s got some great flavour and aroma.”

The Beer is a bit of a cross between a traditional English ale and a lager,” said Macdonald, “so it’s really about the blending of those two styles.

It has a light body and a light flavour.

It’s got a great hop aroma, and a lot of hops are present, and that’s what we like.

“You can order the beer at The Brewer in the Brewery Of Love’s pub in Stratford, London.

I’m proud to be able to give my fans something to drink with the brew of the week,” said Director of Brewing The Brewer Mark Papp. “

The Beer will definitely be on your bucket list.”

“I’m proud to be able to give my fans something to drink with the brew of the week,” said Director of Brewing The Brewer Mark Papp.

“This beer is a very special beer, and to be a part of it, I’m so proud to receive this award.

It really is something special, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of you will come up with.”

The brewery will be serving The Brew Of The Week on Monday, November 17, from 3pm-7pm.

For more information on The Brewery, click here.

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