Skull embroideries tutorial – ‘The Irish are the best at it’

In a time when embroidering is the most popular form of art in the country, the Irish are uniquely adept at it.

The country’s national art museum, the National Museum of Ireland, has a special exhibit on its website dedicated to the Irish’s contribution to the world of embroiderye.

“There is something magical about the art of embroiding.

The whole experience of the embroider’s work is to create something from a very specific material,” said Ms Eamonn O’Sullivan, the museum’s curator of Irish embroideric art.”

When you’re looking at it from the inside, it is like being in a different world,” she said.”

And then there’s the people. “

You have the artist’s own eyes and the observer’s.”

And then there’s the people.

They see it in all its forms and they love it.

“Ms Eamonna said the museum is always on the lookout for new projects, with the goal of bringing the exhibition to life.”

We want to continue the tradition of giving people an insight into the history of embroidered objects, both past and present,” she added.

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