The rose embroidered pattern found in the tomb of a Roman soldier was discovered by an archaeologist who found it in the heart of the city of Rome

The tomb of an ancient Roman soldier is being explored by a French archaeologist whose team has discovered a large amount of evidence suggesting the tomb belonged to a Roman military commander.

The tomb, located on the site of Pompeii, was discovered in 1823 and has since been the subject of several excavations.

The site is now in the hands of French archaeologists who are trying to figure out who the man was.

The tomb, where a large number of Roman soldiers lay buried, is now the subject, with French archaeologists looking at the inscriptions and finds found inside the tomb, and the remains of the tomb itself.

One of the archaeologists told AFP news agency the team’s work on the tomb had been a success, with they were able to determine the name of the man who lived there, and also the type of weapons the soldier had been carrying.

“It was a really great find,” said Jean-Michel Dallaire, the director of the archaeological site at Les Régions de Pompeii-les-Harmondes, which is the French counterpart of the World Heritage Site.

A Roman soldier with his helmet, left, and shield during the reign of Pompeius (right) and his brother, Cornelius.

Dallaire said the tomb contained “a really rich collection of Roman artefacts” that were discovered by a local businessman.

He said the discovery of the remains inside the crypt was particularly surprising given that it was believed the tomb was empty at the time of the soldier’s death.

This Roman soldier, who was known as Pompeii or Pompey, who died during the First Punic War, was buried in the crypt at Les Republique, near Pompeii.

He was buried with his sword and spear, and was believed to have been buried with the help of a priest.

The French archaeological site, near Paris, was founded in 1824 and has become the headquarters of the French national museum.

The Roman ruins were discovered when French troops occupied the site in 1825, and it is estimated there were about 40,000 Roman soldiers buried there.

French officials had previously tried to determine whether the remains belonged to the soldier who was buried there, but the French authorities later told AFP the remains were probably those of another soldier, while Dallaires said they were unsure whether the tomb’s contents belonged to Pompey.

Pompeii has been on UNESCO World Heritage list since 1987.

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