The first Viking embroideries are to arrive in Australia AUSTRALIA: The first veteran veterans to visit Australia to see their hand embroidered Viking embroidered devices are to visit Perth on Thursday to witness the first of its kind, according to The ABC.

Veteran Hand Embroidery Pattern and Hand Embossing Machines are expected to arrive from Perth on November 11, the ABC reported.

It is understood the hand embroiders will be hand embroided with the patterns of the Viking period and have their designs on the fabric.

The project is the first in Australia for the Victorian Government and will be funded by the Victorian Heritage Fund.

The hand embroiding project is funded by a grant from the Victorian Arts Council.

It will be overseen by the Victoria Heritage Trust and will include a live workshop in which hand embroiderers will be able to interact with visitors and help the public identify the designs.

Veterans from the past, who were originally from the Viking Age, will be invited to visit the project at a special ceremony on the second Thursday of November.

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