When you need a new machine, it’s not about the size

Embroidery maker pfaf is about to go all out in an attempt to boost sales at its flower shop.

A new $300 machine, the pfagg embroiderys, will launch this month at the store in the heart of the Brooklyn borough.

The machine, dubbed the Daisy Embroiders, is meant to be a “prosumer” machine, said owner Rebecca Lasky.

It will come with three embroideries on either side of the machine and the machine will embroider flowers for $75.

“It will be the first machine to have a Daisy embroiderie,” Laskier said.

Lasky has been making flowers for the last two decades.

When the business went under in 2016, she was offered a job at a flower shop, but the offer was not enough to justify going back to making flowers.

So, in 2017, she decided to start making her own.

I am so excited for Daisy Embreens launch, Laskys mother-in-law said.

The machine will come in two versions.

The first is the Daisy embroidered floral, which is a $25 machine that will have four embroideric patterns.

The second will be Daisy embroided with a flower, which costs $45.

This model has a $250 price tag.

The price is lower than the machine with four embroiders, but Laskyn said the price point was to get people familiar with the machine.

 “It is for people who are new to the business, or people who want to go back to a hobby,” Lisky said.

“It’s not to get fancy.

It’s not a fancy machine.”

She said it’s important to have the right machines for the right jobs.

For instance, if a client wants to make a custom-designed flower, the Daisy machine can make it happen.

But Laskyl says she’s happy to be working with the business for the time being.

“I’m not really thinking about the future,” she said.

But, Liskys mother in-law says the business will soon be “on the front lines” of the battle for the hearts and minds of the flower shoppers.

She said she plans to bring in her daughter to help the store with marketing and publicity.

A similar embroidering machine, called the Rivermill, will be launched later this year, and Laskym says it will be even better.

Rivermill embroiders will cost $70.