Why I bought the cat embroideries for my cat

I’m a big fan of cat prints and cat embroidered fabric.

This one from Cat Emoji is my favorite.

I’m pretty happy that I did.

I got a cute little cat-inspired embroideric fabric to add to my cat bedding.

It’s also a cat print, so I could always wear it to bed with my cat.

I bought a cat embroiders for my cats embroiderment prints because it was fun and cute.

The cat prints were handmade in China and are embroidered on a cat and the fabric is made in a small studio.

I love it because they’re easy to wear and make, which is a big plus when you have a pet.

But the embroidering on the fabric isn’t as simple as it looks.

It takes a few steps to get to the right embroider.

It also has a tendency to stretch and flop around if you wear it too long.

The fabric does have some stretch, though, and I was able to make the embroidered cat look more feminine.

(It is a little more feminine, though.)

The cat embroides a heart in an embroidered pattern.

The embroiderie on this one has an “E.”

The heart is a simple, colorful heart that has a small dot in the center.

The heart has a line in the middle that represents the size of the cat.

The lines are also in the embroiderer’s style, so they are pretty unique.

The only thing that would make this embroider of the embroid-able cat print more special is if I could make it a little smaller.

I think that would be fun.

(I’m hoping to be able to put this in a cute card.)

I got my cat embroided prints to use as bedding for my two cats.

The stitching is so simple that I could easily do it in a couple of days.

(The cat prints are about 1/2 yard each.)

The fabric is very soft and has a nice soft feel.

It looks like a little baby blanket.

I could even make it into a blanket if I made it larger.

(This blanket would probably be too small for the cats.)

The embroiders are super cute, but I wouldn’t recommend making a cat blanket out of them.

But if you are in a hurry, they’re pretty fun to make.

I’ll be sure to share more about my cat print collection in the future.

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