How to make a colourful and whimsical scarf

Here are some ideas for how to make colourful and quirky knitted blankets for your next event or party.

The key is to keep it simple, and make it as wearable as possible.

We’re also keen to hear about your own ideas for using the fabric for your own decor.

Knitting a blanket: The basics The basics to a knitted blanket are simple and straightforward.

Just knit the fabric and cut out the patterns on the back.

We like to make the front of the blanket a little smaller than the back to make it easier to access the stitches and join the edges together.

The front is a simple rectangle, with a row of stitches in the middle.

Knit this up a little, and cut it out.

This will be the bottom of the fabric.

Cut the back of the top to create a collar.

Knitted this up, cut the edges to create the sides of the collar.

We love to knit a simple, plain pattern for the bottom and front of our blankets.

Cut it out to make your blanket.

Cut out a pattern for your collar.

Cut two pieces of ribbon for the front, and one for the back (you’ll need two of them).

Put these two pieces together to form a circle, then tie it around the back and front together.

Make a few holes in the back piece, and sew in the sides.

We prefer to knit this back in two colours, because you can use different colours of fabric for different designs.

It will give you a different feel and look.

The back is now complete, and you’re ready to stitch up the collar to make this blanket.

You’ll need a pair of a few stitches and a pair or two of scissors, because this is going to be quite a bit of work.

It’s important to have plenty of yarn, because we use yarns from yarn suppliers such as Cascade.

Cut some ribbon, and a few strands of thread.

Sew the thread through the hole in the front piece, making sure that the threads go through all the way around.

We use two strands for each corner of the front.

Take your ribbon and pull it through the holes in your front piece.

Sew it to the back with two strands of each colour.

Repeat with the other end of the ribbon, ending with a strand of the same colour.

We find this is a good way to keep the ribbons organised, as you won’t have as many knots in the stitches when you cut them.

Knitty the front and back pieces together with a yarn needle, making it as snug as possible, and using the yarn to bind the ribbed pieces together.

Take a yarn yarn and knit the two pieces to form the bottom.

Use your yarn needle to weave through the loops, and secure the top with the back pieces.

Cut yarn yarn loops and knot them into the ribbing, as shown in the photo below.

Make sure that you use enough yarn for all four sides of your blanket, and stitch the back together with two colours.

We don’t use the same colours for the sides, so we only use a single colour.

The sides are now complete.

We knit two layers of yarn together, and the top of the sides is now finished.

Now we’re ready for the neck, which is a little more involved.

First we knit a couple of short rows, making the corners of the corners a little wider.

We also like to have a little bit of extra fabric on top of our front piece to make things easier to get into.

Knits the bottom back piece up a bit, and tie it with the ends of the ribbers.

We usually add a little extra material at the back edge of the neck to keep things from being too loose.

The neck is now completed, and we’re happy to say it’s easy.

It is important to make sure you have enough yarn to make all four layers, because all the stitches on the neck will be for two colours: white and black.

We cut three strands of white yarn and tie them in the centre of the back, with two coloured strands of black, and three strands white and grey.

Make four rows of the first colour and the other two colours together to create three colours of ribbons, as we have in the previous photo.

Knitt these three colours together and stitch them into a long ribbon.

Take the ribbon and sew it through all of the loops on the front pieces, making them secure and tidy.

Now it’s time to knit the second layer of yarns together, making a long rib that will stretch to the centre.

Knitters the ends to form two long ribbons.

You should now have a two-coloured, three-colour, four-colour fabric.

This is what you’ll need to make one of the three hats that we’ll be making for this project.

Take one of your two strands and pull through the middle, making knots.

Take two strands, stitch them together and

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