‘Gifs’ for iPhone 8 and iPhone X have more than 3,000,000 ‘images’ and ‘likes’ – News

Gifs and GIFs are great for gifting and sharing, but how do they compare to the internet?

A new study by Twitter has revealed how much people use each type of media in a single day.

The study, conducted by researchers at Google and Facebook, looked at tweets from a single user to see how they used each type and how many of those tweets were gifs and how they were categorized.

The results show that there are over three million gifs on the platform.

Twitter says it’s only looking at tweets sent from users in the US, which is a surprising result given that the company does not collect data on the country’s overall population.

The company says it doesn’t have the data for all countries, but said it was only focusing on US users.

However, other countries such as India, China and Brazil, which have some of the largest populations of Twitter users, are also excluded from the study.

The research also showed that the types of gifs that users liked and retweeted most often, or the most common types of tweets they liked and retweets.

The types of GIFs that people liked and shared most often are shown below.

The data also shows that people tend to retweet GIFs with the most likes.

The most popular type of GIF is the “likes” from other users, with the “hits” coming from users who liked the tweet first.

The top GIF was the one from a user who liked a tweet, and was followed by a user that liked another tweet, with a user’s reply being followed by another user who retweeted the same tweet.

The highest GIFs were the ones that the person who liked liked a retweet first, followed by one that liked a friend’s tweet and the most popular GIF that the user liked liked.

The number of “liking” tweets and the number of retweeting tweets in a day were also found to be very similar, with some people saying they would retweet a tweet they liked in two or three days, and others saying they’d retweet the same retweet five or 10 times in a month.

The average amount of time it took people to see a tweet is also shown in the graph, with people often seeing it within the first 20 minutes of seeing it.

The numbers also showed a trend for how frequently people liked each type, with “liked” tweets more likely to be seen than “hated” ones.

“Gifting is popular in the U.S., where it’s still seen as a novelty, but we don’t really know how many people are doing it and how often,” said Chris Wilson, lead researcher at Twitter’s Machine Learning group.

“We hope that this study helps us understand how people use these types of media and what kinds of stories are being told with them.”

The study has some interesting findings.

It also revealed that people use GIFs to share pictures and videos more often than they do text.

The GIFs and text-only GIFs showed a similar trend, with text-based GIFs being shared at a much higher rate than GIFs.

This is particularly true for images, where text-specific GIFs have an average of 8,200 tweets per day and GIFS have an astonishing 2.7 million.

Twitter also found that people are less likely to use a tweet as a source of news than they are to share an image.

This suggests that if people are only sharing content to share with friends and family, and not to share it publicly, then they are less inclined to share images and videos.

“People are using images and text as sources of news in less than 1 percent of cases.

We are also seeing that more people are sharing GIFs in less time than text-and-image content,” said Wilson.

He also found a surprising amount of overlap between the types and the content of GIF images and video.

The majority of the images and the video were either GIFs or GIFs mixed with text, with only a tiny percentage being GIFs made with text.

“The vast majority of GIF-based content is from Twitter, with more than 95 percent of the tweets being GIF-type content,” Wilson said.

“These types of content are typically posted to Twitter for people to enjoy, and are shared for more than a tweet.

So while there are differences between the different types of images and content, there are also similar types of users in each type.”

You can see more data from the research in this infographic.

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