What do you know about Chinese embroideries?

Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Friday said she’s learning about Chinese designs because she has “been on the ground and done it.”

Kelly said she had been on the Chinese embroidered border with Canada, but she didn’t realize the pattern was so unique.

“So I was like, oh, I didn’t know it was so different,” Kelly said.

“I’ve been on a lot of different embroideried border with different people and I didn [think] it was this unique.”

Kelly added she had never seen anything like it before.

“You’re talking about this, these things that are unique, and it’s just so unique, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Kelly told Fox News.

“And it’s so different from any other country that I’ve been to.

It’s just amazing.”

Kelly’s comments came during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” where she said that the Chinese flag is very important to China because the country has so much history in the world and so many people who came here from China to settle.

“They’re not here because of immigration,” Kelly added.

“It’s about the culture, and they want to know what the history is, and this is so interesting, because you don’t see so many things like this.”

Kelly also told the host that she had learned Chinese embroiders words and phrases.

“We’re learning some of these words, and there’s a whole bunch of them,” Kelly noted.

“But the most amazing thing is when I go to a Chinese restaurant, and I’m going to a restaurant with these words and these phrases, the person is going to look at me like I’m nuts.

It just feels so authentic, it just feels like you’re not supposed to be there.”

The Fox News anchor then joked that it’s because she’s Chinese.

“Why do you think the Chinese are so great?”

Kelly asked.

“Because I’ve seen them make the most beautiful things in the history of the world.

And I don’t want to be on their side,” she added.

Fox News has reached out to the Chinese Embassy in Washington for comment.

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