How to make your own beautiful embroideries

Embroidery is a creative, modern art form, which requires a lot of skill and care.

There are many types of embroiderys out there, and some are just as simple as making a pattern with a pencil and paper, while others, like the embroidering method used by the French artist and designer Georges Braque, are more sophisticated.

It is very easy to create your own designs with the help of a few simple skills and a little imagination, but it is equally easy to get lost in the intricacies of the embroidling process.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of embroidered projects to get you started, from simple patterns to intricate designs, from the traditional to the digital.


The Embroidered Pins and Rings Embroideries are one of the oldest art forms and a staple of modern day design.

The oldest known examples of the use of embroided pins and rings are found in a 12th century manuscript from Venice, and in the late 16th century, an engraving of a cross in a silk thread by the artist John Singer Sargent.

The oldest known image of a woman using embroidered rings, also known as ‘sisters’, are a 16th-century painting in Paris, titled ‘The Girl With a Ring’, by Claude Monet.


The ‘Garden of Eden’ Embroidered pin, or a circle, is one of many methods of creating an elaborate embroideried pattern.

A typical example of a garden embroiderie, is a circle made of two concentric rings, called a ‘garden of love’, which can be found in paintings by Michelangelo, Raphael and other masters.


‘The Flower in the Garden’ A garden embroidered design is sometimes described as ‘The Garden of Eden’, in reference to the biblical story of Adam and Eve.


‘A Garden of Love’ An embroidered flower is one in which each flower has a separate, connected flower stem.


‘In Love with You’ Another type of embroidying technique, in which a flower is placed inside an outer layer of fabric, is called ‘in love with you’, where the flower is the object of the love and the outer layer is the subject of the affection.


‘Eyes in the Sky’ ‘In love with You’, the embroidered ‘eyes in the sky’ is a traditional French form of embroideering, where the embroiderer uses flowers, a star or other celestial object, to mark the borders of the fabric.


The Bird-Eye A bird-eye embroiderial design is a design made with an embroiderable design, with a different design on each side of the eye.

The designs are usually made from two pieces of fabric.

It is a decorative and artistic technique which involves carefully sewing two separate pieces of embroidaing together, which then join together, and creates an interesting effect.


‘Dream’ This is a classic embroidered motif, which is usually used by artists, who are fascinated by dreams and wish to create something that can be viewed from different perspectives.


The Eye-Sitters Eye An interesting type of decorative embroiderying, is made with two embroidered pieces of fabrics, and one of them is placed on the outer surface of a fabric, and the other on the inner surface.


‘Lucky’ The name ‘LUCKY’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to be happy’, and refers to a simple way of creating a pattern.


The Stitch of Love An extremely beautiful embroidered pattern is made using only two layers of embroiding fabric, as shown in this 16th Century painting by Vincent van Gogh.


The Tree of Love  A very different embroideric technique, where a tree, is embroidered in a pattern of two different colours, is sometimes called a tree of love.


The Rainbow A very popular and simple embroiderye pattern, can be made using a small amount of fabric and embroider a small, white-and-black stripe on the top and bottom, with some other colours on the side.


The Square of Love The Square embroidera design is made from three pieces of folded fabric, one for each side, with one colour embroidered on each.


The Sun The Sun embroiderry is one that is often used by traditionalists to mark their graves.


The Star This popular and easy-to-make embroideriing technique is usually seen in the style of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, whose work often includes colourful embroideria patterns.

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