What will Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings look like?

Trump is facing an impeachment hearing that could bring down the president for his handling of the FBI’s Russia probe.

Trump is also facing a potential 2020 presidential bid after facing calls from members of his party to step down.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been considering whether to hold a hearing on his potential 2020 bid, which he is set to take to the House of Representatives next month.

The hearing comes after a day in which Trump has faced growing pressure to step aside.

On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Trump should step aside, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also called for the president to step out.

While Trump’s allies are likely to use impeachment hearings to advance their own agenda, the Senate Judiciary committee has the power to subpoena witnesses and compel testimony from them.

It has also been considering some form of a public-corruption investigation into the president’s finances.

While the Judiciary Committee is likely to hear testimony from Trump’s legal team and his allies, the White House is unlikely to be present.

Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is also not expected to appear.