How to create an original punch embroidered shirt with this awesome sewing machine

How to sew an original shirt with a punch embroiled machine.

It may sound simple, but sewing punch shirts with embroideries is a tricky process, especially if you don’t know how to use a sewing machine.

Here’s how to create a simple punch embroided shirt with an embroidered logo on the front, and then a punch on the back.

Step 1: The Punch Embroidery MachineStep 2: Punch DesignStep 3: Punch Sewing Step 4: Punch Embed Step 5: Punch OutlineStep 6: Punch Fabric Step 7: Punch PatternStep 8: Punch ColorStep 9: Punch Logo Step 10: Punch LabelStep 11: Punch StitchStep 12: Punch TapeStep 13: Punch ButtonPress the button and voila!

The original shirt has a punch logo embroidered on the shirt, and a simple button design on the inside.

This design is so simple, I don’t even think it needs to be explained to you.

It could easily be done with any embroideried pattern, but the pattern and embroidering technique are the best part.

It makes it even easier to customize the shirt with your own design.