When your mother died, did she know you were a brony?

The internet is filled with bronies, the nerdy and the eccentric, and even though it’s rare to find bronies in the real world, the fandom is alive and well online.

For some, bronies are a social outcast.

“I’m really not into it,” said Zachary Sorenson, a 17-year-old from Illinois who calls himself a brontosaurus.

But Sorenon said he is excited about the potential of bronies as an artistic community.

While it may not be the norm to meet bronies face-to-face, online forums and other spaces for online bronies have grown.

A brony group, called The Brony Brunch, hosts online events for bronies to hang out and hang out with others.

I’m very much into it, said Zachariah Sorenstons mother, Marisa Sorensson.

They’re very smart, and they can do so much and I think they will continue to grow as they grow, she said.

Sorenson said she hopes bronies will eventually become a big part of the world as they are in the movies and other popular media.

She said it’s great to have a place where everyone is happy, and everyone is proud of their culture and their family.

The Internet is full of brony bronies.

In fact, The Broney Brunch group is a registered charity, and their Facebook page lists a mission of “To help make bronies a part of our lives and make them more accepted and understood.”

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